Musquodoboit Valley Education Centre

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important. Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Arsenault, Sharon Lunch Monitor 902-384-2555
Bent, Jaime Schools Plus Community Outreach 902-399-8319 Website
Bezanson, Kim Educational Program Assistant (EPA) 902-384-2555
Derocher, Rachel School Social Worker 902-476-6311
Erskine, Karen Library Support 902-384-2555
Hicklenton, Kylie Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-399-8321 Website
Laverty, Tamie Lunch Monitor 902-384-2555
Legge, Shane Custodian 9023842555 ext. 3842555
Milnes, Tanya Education Program Assistant (EPA) 902-384-2555
Monk, Louise Caretaker 902-384-2555
Watson, Cathy Educational Program Assistant (EPA) 902-384-2555

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Ashley, Craig Grade Five/Six 902-384-2555
Clarke, Diane Grade Six Instrumental Music 902-384-2555 Website
Dunphy, Rose Resource 902-384-2555 Twitter
Fralic, Cassandra School Psychologist 902-384-2555 Website
Halloran, Whitney Physical Education 902-384-2555
Hickey, Danette Core French 902-384-2555
Higgins, Melanie Learning Disabilities Support 902-384-2555
Higgins, Jeanette Grade One/Two 902-384-2555
Hill, Karen Pre-Primary Teacher 902-384-2555
Hughes, Courtney Grade Three/Four 902-384-2555
Jeffers, Carolyn Pre-Primary 902-384-2555
Johnson, Wendy Guidance Counsellor 902-384-2555
Joudrey, Dana Learning Centre 902-384-2555
Keddy, Shanda Grade Primary/One 902-384-2555
Pinkham, Sheila Grade Four/Five 902-384-2555
Preston, Mary Speech-Language 902-384-2555
Reid, Robert Music 902-384-2555


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Logan, Denise Administrative Assistant 902-384-2555
Paddock, Ernest Vice Principal 902-384-2555
Verge, Aaron Principal 902-384-2555 Website