Musquodoboit Valley Education Centre

AESOP Information

Did you know you can book your own subs using the AESOP?

Logging in
- To log in to AESOP, type, or go to HRCE > For Staff > AESOP.
- Enter your Login and PIN; click Sign In. If you cannot recall your credentials, click on the “Help” icon at the far right of the screen, or email Mrs. Legge.

Creating an Absence in Three Easy Steps:
1. The system is designed to allow employees to enter their own absences. To create an absence, click the Create Absence button on the Quick Actions panel. Alternatively, choose Absences >Create Absence from the side navigation bar.
2. Select your name, or search for it in the search field by last name, then select ‘fill our details’ to move to the next step
3. You will fill out the absence details. You can use the date range feature or select the individual days(s) from the calendar. For the first option, click the calendar icon in both the "From" and "To" sections to select a date range.

- Complete the other details (reason, time, sub code) using the drop downs.
- To choose whether you need a sub, toggle between yes and no.
- I do not suggest putting the absence ‘on hold’.

About the ‘Notes’ section:
Notes to Administrator - You can put notes here for Mrs. Legge to see.
Notes to Substitute - You can put notes here for the substitute to see.