Musquodoboit Valley Education Centre

Tattletales Coins for Books Campaign

Students and staff will be participating in the Tattletales coins for books campaign again this year.  This is the 13th year for this campaign which was started in 2007 by Tattletales Bookstore as a way to encourage businesses to assist getting books into school libraries.  To support this challenge we ask students to bring in their change. For every dollar we raise, Tattletales will give additional money and we purchase books for the school library.

Here is how it works. Each class will bring in money. We ask students to bring in their Nickels the first week (Feb 5) and drop them into their team jar. The second week will be dimes (Feb 12th), The third week (Feb 19) will be quarters and the last week (Feb 26th) will be toonies and loonies.

We are doing this as a battle so if you bring in money other than that assigned for that week you can add it to another classes jar and it will bring down the amount they have for that week.

example - nickles week, your class jar - dimes, quarters loonies and toonies in another classes jar to counter what they have brought in.

The class that wins the challenge will receive an ice cream party.

This will run from Feb 5 - 26th.
If you have any questions please contact your child’s teacher.